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My Way or the Highway: Australia’s Top Entrepreneurs

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Australia has a wealth of entrepreneurial talent and it is very common to see this talent shining through from a young age. Every entrepreneur will go through tough patches on their way to success and it’s often that exuberance of youth that allows them to fearlessly brush aside any set backs, pick themselves up and persevere. Australia has plenty of such successful entrepreneurs and here are four of the top ones that the country has produced.

The definition of an entrepreneur is: “a person who organises and manages an enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk”.

Initiative and risk are the stand out features of any entrepreneur and these four people exhibit these characteristics in abundance.

1. John Singleton

Singleton initially began setting up advertising agencies and afterwards moved into publishing and the radio industry. After six marriages he has definitely found more success in business. Possibly Australia’s most famous entrepreneur, he is well recognised as a driving force behind brands such as Lonely Planet and Qantas Airlines.

2. Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch is a common household name. As the owner of New York based The News Corporation, he is worth several billion dollars. As an Australian entrepreneur he was in no way satisfied with just finding success in his home country. He was only 21 when he took over a family newspaper business, which was struggling. After purchasing Australian and British Newspapers he has gone on to buy Fox News Channel as well as Festival Mushroom Records in the United States.

3. John Ilhan

As the founder of Crazy John’s company he became the youngest, richest Australian entrepreneur and was worth 300 million dollars before the age of 40. His commercial venture became the largest private mobile company in Australia and his philanthropic venture was the Ilhan Food Allergy Foundation, dedicated to funding research and education. He passed away at the age of 42 from a severe heart attack.

4. Dick Smith

Dick Smith obtained an amateur radio license when he just was seventeen years old. Thereafter he started the renowned Dick Smith Electronics. He had a vibrant persona and this showed through in his public actions and offbeat advertising approach. This led to him becoming an intriguing public figure to match his exceptional success as a fine entrepreneur.

What all of these entrepreneurs have in common is a persistence and desire to make it on their own. To be a successful entrepreneur you have to believe without doubt that your idea will fulfill a demand and then do anything to make that happen.


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