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Do you live in a house that’s plagued by termites? Residents, who have to deal with the damage created by these little buggers, are quick to call upon pest exterminators for help.  Termites can cause extensive damage to your home if you let their destructive activities go unchecked. However, you don’t have to leave your home on account of their behaviour.

It only takes one male and one female termite to start a whole colony, which is why it’s important to have regular termite control. Residents are advised to have their homes inspected for termites at least once a year by a reputable pest control service company. Hiring one will give you peace of mind as they will do the job well, rather than taking on a company that offers their services for free.

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Don’t be fooled by a free inspection

The inspector who comes to your home and conducts an ocular is often paid on a commission basis. In this regard, he will make sure that he earns as much as possible from just visiting your home. After checking your house for termites, you will be told that there is a problem. The inspector then makes his commission by suggesting you get a second opinion.

Look for a pest control service that offers an annual contract that will protect your home or building from this wood destroying insect. A contract with a pest control service includes periodic inspections and treatment when necessary.

Before calling in the experts, you can do a termite check on your home by simply taking a screwdriver and tapping on the wooden surfaces in and around your home. Look out for wood sawdust, debris or signs of termite infestation.

An ideal condition that allows for termite infestation is wood to earth contact. This is why you cannot leave timber lying on the ground nor have it make direct contact with the ground. For these reasons, timber patio posts, for example, are placed on metal supports prior to being inserted in the ground. For underground termites, use a termiticide that is non-repellent and long lasting. Dry wood termites, on the other hand, can be held off by painting or varnishing the outside of your home very well.

Three proven methods to help solve a termite problem


This is the latest method that exterminators have turned to in order to rid homes of termites and their colonies. Baiting involves using specially designed wooden monitors that attract termites and then later on replacing these wooden ones with specially treated monitors. These treated baits contain chemicals that are ingested by the termites and taken back with them to their colony. The chemicals then spread among other members of the colony when the termites feed each other.

Chemical barrier

Another method that can help you get rid of termites is by utilising a chemical barrier. In fact, this is the one method that’s been around for the longest time now. This works by applying a liquid barrier to the soil around buildings, which helps in blocking all potential routes in which termites can enter. Those termites that try to enter through the treated soil are either repelled or killed.


Also known as tenting, this is another effective method that can help you get rid of your unwanted guests. This type of treatment involves enclosing your home with a tent and then fumigating it. Preparation for this kind of procedure can be time consuming so don’t wait until the last minute. There is a lot of packing and sorting involved so make sure you get a head start before the actual fumigation date.

You can prevent your home from being eaten from the inside out with regular termite control. Residents are advised to look for reputable companies that offer annual contracts that come with periodic inspections and treatments.


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