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Business Credit and Why You Need It

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Business Credit

With the downtown in the economy over the last few years, more than a few new business starters are trying to stay away from what they see as the negative business credit conundrum. In actuality, credit when used correctly can actually open many doors in business that may not be available before. It influences your relationships with your suppliers, your banks and can often be the difference between keeping your business growth at moderate levels and really pushing through to higher levels of commerce.

So in similar cases to personal credit allowing you to have opportunities for loans and extra facilities to cement you future, your business requires you to build a solid history of money transactions for corporate benefits.

Where to start with Business Credit

First thing that you need to realise is that when paid off regularly and maintained, credit history is a beneficial attribute for your company. It shows potential clients and lending agencies that your business is able to honour its agreements. So to get started, it’s essential that you know where your company currently is in terms of its credit score and to plan on how to raise its profile. Simply register your company with a credit rating agency, such as Equifax or Experian Business to get yourself a comprehensive report on how people view your company.

Why and How?

Focus has got to be paid to both your own personal business account and that of your business as financial institutions will take keys from one in regards to the other. With a solid personal credit history, your business will stand a better chance of receiving benefits. It’s very important that you don’t simply keep the credit option open, but actually make full use of it, even if you are not required to in terms of funds. By using the facility you are relaying that your company can operate with other person’s money. A benefit of this increased credit score is that your vendors will often provide you with longer periods of credit and even perhaps be able to supply you with more goods than you may have previously been able to order. Also when dealing with mergers, acquisitions, either being bought out or buying another company, having the finances, or the positive store can make the difference in expansion.

Business credit is not a negative aspect to a company at all, unless your business credit score is in the negative figures, but then you may have larger problems at play then a simple cash shortage. Do it correctly and slowly and the doors of business will open.


Sarach Mancini is a freelance writer with a keen interest in business finance. After downsizing from her lavish executive suites Miami, she consults around the coast for a few clients while blogging online.

July 19, 2012 |

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