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Business Resources Listing websites
These websites allow you to list your business on a database and therefore increase visibility and referrals. Many are free to list on
“Google Places” – search for it in Google (replaces google maps)

Products to help grow your business
Business Cards

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Wealth and Personality Profiles
It is suggested that there are 8 wealth profiles and to become truely wealthy you need to know which profile you are and stick to it. You can then build effective teams by surrounding yourself with other profiles.

Websites and Internet Marketing

Fruitful Online

PreBuilt Small Business websites

Website Hosting
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Business Coaching is a great way to reach your business goals because you are being made accountable. Being accountable and therefore actually taking action is one of the fastest ways to reach your goals. Business Coaching can just be about accountability or it could be a coach that has business experience and give you practical information on how to grow your particular business.

In the book ‘Think and grow rich’ by Napoleon Hill, it talks about the importance of the mastermind group, or the group of people that you associate your business with. That the best businesses success comes from having a team who are all experts in their area of work so that you can concentrate on what you are good at. Roger Hamilton has suggested that there are 8 profiles and that in any business you need a balance for it to be successful. Business Coaching is great if they can help identify the types of people it would be best for you to work with. Often when you hire someone you hire people that are like you. In many cases you actually need to hire people who are not like you as they need different skills to perform other tasks.

Many people need Business Coaching in this time of the economy just to ensure that they maintain a good attitude. There are many business books available that can increase your knowledge on running a successful business. Customer service is vital at all times but especially when there are less customers. The purpose of a business is really to get and retain customers. Many people focus on ‘ how can I make more money’ when really the question is ‘How can I get and retain customers?’ this will then lead on to cash flow.

Business Coaching from a business growth specialist can be vital for some businesses. Otherwise Business Coaching in the form of books that you read or CD’s that you listen to should be a minimum requirement. You can even get these from the library so there is no excuse. Business Coaching books can come in many forms. Business Coaching for start ups, Business Coaching for improving productivity, Business Coaching to reduce costs, Business Coaching to improve customer service, Business Coaching to make you accountable. Business Networking Groups to increase your customer and referral base. Learn and implement, and watch your Small Business grow with these great business resources.

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