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DIY Pest Control Equipment – What To Buy

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When pests invade the home, the first thing many people think of is what sorts of insecticides will get rid of the problem. Although no matter how perfect the insecticide is for the problem, without the right type of equipment for the job it could be rendered virtually useless. There are several categories of equipment that a person must obtain before starting to put a pest elimination strategy into place.

Safety Gear

The first and possibly most important category is protective gear, designed to prevent the harmful side effects that can occur if many of the more powerful pesticides come into contact with human skin or mucous membranes such as eyes and the nose.

Both gloves and respirators are among the types of pest control equipment that can be purchased to protect those applying pesticides. For those using professional strength insecticides, these products are essential to prevent unwanted side effects.

A good respirator should be designed to filter out as much of the potentially irritating or harmful chemicals out of the air, and in fact most commercially available models are rated to filter up to 98% or more of the pesticide, whether it is a spray or powder. This allows the person applying the chemicals to breathe nothing other than clean air.

Gloves are likewise important to those using the strong chemicals necessary to eradicate many types of insects and rodents. A good effective glove should be constructed out of impermeable latex or rubber, and depending on the chemicals being used should be combined with another, thinner glove underneath the main protective glove.

Application Equipment

In addition to protective gear, the right type of pest control equipment for application of the products must be purchased. Since pesticides generally come in either liquid spray or granulated form, there are two separate kinds of equipment that should be purchased depending on the type of pesticide you are using. For liquid based products, there are a wide variety of sprayers that make applying them easy and safe.

Sprayers can either be self-contained for indoor use, or attach to the end of a hose for the widespread application of herbicides and lawn and garden pesticides. For those products that are sold in granulated form can be applied quickly and easily by using one of the many available types of spreaders, which are usually meant for use on large open areas such as lawns.

No matter what the problem calls for, there are certainly plenty of options when it comes to choosing the right equipment for the job.

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