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How To Start a Drilling Business

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Starting a drilling business is a huge venture that requires you to be sufficiently prepared. There are many factors that you need to consider before venturing into this field of business, in any case you will need to come up with a bulletproof plan to guarantee your stability and success. Let us take a look at some of the important factors that you need to emphasize while setting up a drilling business.

Business Plan

In order to succeed in this kind of business you need to come up with a very comprehensive business plan. If you don’t know how to write a good business plan you can seek the assistance of an expert. Basically a business plan for a drilling company should have a good executive summary and a marketing plan. These two elements are the heart of a good business plan and therefore sufficient attention should be focused laid on them. In general your business plan should cover the following aspects: financials; management; marketing and the budget.

Assess the Competition

Second and most importantly assess the levels of competition existing in the market. It is important to judge the level of competition so as to avoid unpleasant surprises once you set up. One good way of assessing the level of competition is by counting the number of players in relation to the size of the existing market. There are also some websites which can help you generate a list of competitors within a specific state or ZIP code. It is very important to be aware of what the competitors are up to so as to properly assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Look for a reliable source of advice

Seeking for advice before venturing into this business is a very prudent idea. For this you can look for a person who has extensive hands-on experience in this business. Desist from seeking advice from your local competitors as they will tend to shield you from entering into their market. It is better to approach an industry player from outside your locality. Such people will be very willing to share with you any information as much as they are sure that you are not going to pose any threat to them. Sometimes it might take a while for some of them to give you this advice but in the long run it is always worth your efforts.


As we have seen earlier, setting up a drilling business is a huge venture that calls for significant preparation. It is important that before you venture into this kind of business you consolidate enough sources of funds to avoid any hiccups. As you draft your business plan, you should clearly outline the nature of the services that you are going to offer. The main services you can engage in under a drilling business include drilling rigs, land drilling, rental tools, logistics, mining oil and gas jobs. As you expand you can incorporate other services such as health and project planning, safety programs and preventive maintenance among others.

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Maya works is a part time writer and part time works for a drilling company, she specialises in writing articles about mining oil and gas jobs.

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