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Where To Find Owner Driver Jobs In Australia

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Looking for owner driver jobs in Australia? Then you can rest assured that this is the right article for you. However, before you learn where to find these kinds of jobs in Australia, you need to know what it is all about.

It is easy to get started as an owner driver. These jobs have the advantage of potential profitability in the short term because there are no overheads. However, you need to consider some things before you start. This guide will help you understand the things you need and the pitfalls that have to be avoided once you start freelancing.

What You Need

1. Motor Car

It is pretty obvious that all of these sorts of jobs require a vehicle. Where possible, your vehicle should not be older than 6 years. It can be of any size though it is better to invest in larger vans as opposed to hatchback cars. Vans can transport larger loads and charge more as a result.

2. Mobile Phone

You will also need a mobile phone. This will be useful when you want to contact your business associates while you are on the road.

3. Owner Driver Insurance

There are different insurance options available for these driving jobs in Australia. This array of options may confuse you. Choose any between the following:

- Vehicle Insurance

All vehicles on the road have to be insured. Having third party insurance is a legal requirement in Australia and you must never neglect to follow it. When you get into contact with your preferred insurer, you may be tempted to say that your vehicle will be used for business purposes. However, it is wiser to say that you need the vehicle for courier services.

This is different because you will actually be carrying products for others with the view of making a profit. In the long run, this will have an effect on your quote and any other subsequent claims you may have to make.

- Insurance for Goods in Transit

You also need to save some cash for goods in transit insurance. This cover will provide protection against damage and loss to your goods. Your main insurance firm may cover this. If it does not, you can get it from special courier insurance dealers.

This insurance cover is a must- have if you are a new owner driver. It will make your business seem more legit and potential clients will feel more comfortable working with your firm.

- Public Liability

This insurance cover isn’t as important as the others. However, you may still want to take it into consideration. Public liability will cover your enterprise in case you accidentally hurt third parties such as your clients.

Additionally, you should also sort out your tax issues and arrange the credits you are entitled to. Hire a professional accountant and learn how to save money from them by understanding those expenses you are allowed to claim. If you have some knowledge of book keeping, manage your own finances.

Promote Your Business

Get your name out there once your finances are sorted out. There are many places from where you can find such jobs in Australia. Options available include:

- Get your services listed in all local directories

- Place adverts in local newspapers

- Join freight exchange firms: This will get your jobs easily and reduce your costs drastically. You will also start working in a helpful community of fellow owner drivers

You could also print professional business cards and hand them out to neighbours, acquaintances, family, friends and people you just met. There is no knowing where your next owner driver job will come from

- You could also get into contact with other couriers within your area. Some get a lot of work that they cannot complete in a single day. At times, they will be pleased to use your help as compared to risking their reputation for timely and reliable deliveries.

- Purchase a website: Web presence is also useful. Set up and maintaining the website will be a bit expensive at first. However, once the traffic starts steaming in, the website costs will take care of themselves.

Getting Paid

There is no definitive answer to the amount owner drivers charge for each job they do. The charge will depend on the size of your car and the region you are working in.

Most driver will charge per kilometre on the out- bound journey with discounts on the return journey. However, it is better to check out how much your local rivals charge and work from there.

Finding jobs may seem daunting at first. This is why you need to stick to this framework to ensure that your first few months at work run smoothly. In a short while, you will start earning good money with the possibility of expanding your business operations in the future.


Most companies in Australia today prefer their transport fleet is manned by owner drivers. This ensures that the drivers care deeply about customers as much, if not more, than the company itself. As a result, most companies will be interested in providing jobs to individuals who will make a difference in the transport operation.

You can look for such jobs and use them to grown your business by committing yourself to the development of your career in the transportation industry.

Benefits of This Type of Job

Owner drivers are self employed individuals who enjoy extra rewards depending on the effort they put into their jobs. Some benefits that come with these jobs include:

- Self employment within a team which is focused on opportunities for career progression

– You can work as part of a supply chain to continue growing your business

– The remuneration is excellent and there is the possibility of a long career as a driver if the company you work with values your services

Other Necessities

As an owner driver, you will need some other things to succeed in this industry. These include:

- A valid certificate for forklifts and dangerous goods. These courses are sometimes run in house by various companies

– The financial capacity to purchase or lease a truck that meets the specifications of the company that you wish to work for

– Good presentation and communication skills

– A sense of humour that will keep you happy however difficult the right jobs

In the long run, there are lots of jobs out there, especially if you like using big dual cab utes. All that would be required of you is to do some research, market your business and take the best owner driver jobs that come your way.

Ned Stevens is a truck driver who regularly drives from Cairns to Sydney, although he has been known to to the Cairns to Perth route.

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