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Print Management Software: The Effects on the Environment And Bottom Line

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In the last few years there has been a noteworthy shift in the corporate world towards a twofold awareness of environmental impact as well as internal efficiency. Additionally the increase in the cost of energy as well as virtually all basic commodities has greatly increased the cost of doing business and cost cutting has become a major challenge for many organizations. Small, medium and big companies are all under pressure to streamline their operations to simultaneously meet the demand for environmental responsibility as well as save money. According to a study by the Sustainable Research Analyst Network carried out between 2005 and 2007 the number of companies that display a corporate social responsibility page on their site grew by 58%.

As organizations look at ways to cut down their carbon foot print and reduce costs, determining the inefficiencies related to printing is of course one of their top objectives. It is projected that the average member of staff uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. That’s a huge volume of paper and has its environmental impact as well as a significant cost on any business irrespective of its size. A study by the Citigroup – Environmental Defense the actual printing cost ranges from $0.6 to $13 per page. Therefore an average worker’s printing costs the organization from $600 every year up to $1300. A research carried out by Lexmark found out that out of

what is printed 17% is considered waste. Although most of the businesses are aware of the waste within their premises little is done mainly because of the different branches, varied workers habits, different printers it is very hard to quantify paper usage and waste.


Today there are several print management softwares available in the market that helps deliver real bottom line savings for companies. Most of these applications are customizable and scalable to your company needs. These programs help in the tracking of staff individual usage, department or office, report the usage cost as well as in the budgeting. Print management programs helps business owners to rest assured that their businesses printing is under control and being monitored. According to a study by the Gartner Group print mismanagement can cost organization 1 to 3 percent revenue every year. That’s an unbelievable figure that if added to the company revenue bottom line could make a huge difference in the annual income. Print management if well implemented can help businesses reduce their printing cost by up to 17% by completely eliminating the wasted pages.

Print management software eliminates print servers which consume considerable amount of energy. A single server accounts for nearly 3000 kWh of energy every year. Print management helps get rid of such print servers thus greatly helping reduce server administration as well as energy cost. Most of the print management programs provide detailed reports on the exact metrics around financial as well as environmental savings. This helps provide authentic figures on financial statements as well as those needed for the corporate social responsibility. The programs also help promote an environmental friendly printing behavior in the workplace which has significant financial as well as environmental benefits.

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