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Social Media : Why You Have To Be Everywhere At Once

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With the rapid changes in technology and the face of the internet, it can be a monumental task just keeping up with what is already out there, let alone what is on the rise. Every website needs to be enabled for mobile and hand held devices, which have taken over for the home computer in most families. If you can’t be seen well on these devices, you will lose visitors as well as customers.

When business sites started out on the internet it was easy to compete since there were so few sites online. Once the earning potential of millions of customers twenty four hours a day become obvious, everyone was putting up a website and waiting for the flood of cash. The trouble was once the idea gets popular, everyone is doing it and the market gets crowded.

Social Media

Social media offers a better experience for your customers and potential customers. Your business needs to have a good page on all the social networks possible to keep in the public eye. Advertising to draw traffic can help, but the key element is the sharing of your page by customers to all their contacts online. This is the new version of word of mouth.


Services like Twitter allow a business to get followers that will share their information in turn with their followers, as long as it is good information. The mistake so many marketers make is to use these networks as a free commercial for all their products and for their website. You have to get the reader’s attention by giving them something they can use as well as a reason to visit your site. The fact that the text is limited on Twitter gives you the opportunity to tease with a little information that leads back to your website.

The decision as to which sites to have a presence on will depend on the focus of your business. There are so many networks that it would be impossible to be on all of them and maintain a viable presence without having a full time staff devoted to just that task. Search out the best ones for your business and have an active presence on them. Daily activity is not necessary, but at least weekly posts and updates will be needed. The more active the business is on it’s networks the more the visitors will interact with it and spread the word. This has the benefit of adding updates by your visitors without you having to work as hard at adding content.

Don’t make the mistake of jumping onto every bandwagon that comes along just because a lot of other marketers are doing it. Be selective and you will in effect be everywhere your customers and visitors are. Link your pages to other articles and newsworthy sites online to keep your audience entertained and informed and you will become a valuable resource to them.

Building a Social Network

Building a network starts with one site, and grows from there. Pay attention to what your visitors are talking about and what networks they use. This can be a good platform for you to use to find new networks to venture into.

Above all things, once you have set up a social network group of sites to use, keep a close watch on what the visitors are really saying. If there is a complaint, address it as soon as possible. This lets your readers know you are actually active on the site rather than just using it to promote another business. People want their concerns heard and acted on, and it could very well lead to new products and customers for you without having to research what the customer wants, they tell you right on your site.

About the author:
Victor Daily is an experienced online marketing consultant. He currently writes for an Australian dedicated servers provider.

September 15, 2012 |

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