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Why Creative Content Should Be Part Of Your SEO Strategy

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SEO-StrategyCreative content is the cornerstone of a solid SEO strategy, and more specifically, creative means original content. One of the big red flags for the search engines is content that looks like it’s been re-purposed from another site. Search engines regularly rank original content higher in their indexing than content that isn’t. Higher page rankings translate into more eyes on a web page, more subscribers, and often more sales. Having a unique voice is what makes people come back to your website.

Google Panda

Once upon a time, people could write something for their blog or website, and use the same information someplace else. Or they wrote really generic content that could have fit any number of topics if one just substituted one set of words for another.

Then, Google changed its algorithm, and many websites lost thousands of viewers almost overnight. The change was intended to stop what has been called “content farms” and affiliate marketers. There were too many among them that provided subpar content, which included not only errors in spelling and grammar, but also that was too much like content that appeared elsewhere on the web. The problem was that for those searching the web for good results to their inquiries, these sites often proved frustrating, because the content was useless to them. The webmasters, who created this content, didn’t do it to provide a service, but rather just to make money. So Google changed the way that it ranked these sites causing their page rank to drop and and as a result, their traffic to drop.

The Solution

Creative content is the solution to this problem. When you’re writing your blog posts or creating landing pages, the words should sound interesting, speak specifically about whatever your topic is, engage readers, and allow your voice to come through. The writer with the interesting voice and engaging videos or slide shows gets his or her site bookmarked or shared on social media. That’s an indication to the search engines that someone live read it, thought it was great, and shared it with others; this became a method for evaluating how good the content on a webpage was and is.

Writing Your Own Content

Part of the problem that people run up against is that they hire someone to work cheaply to provide content for their website—often non-native speakers of the language. For example, a person who owns a website in America may hire someone overseas in a non-English-speaking country to write blog posts for him or her, because the non-native speaker is cheaper. But this is false economy. Often even the person who has a great command of the language makes mistakes and the quality of the content goes down. It’s best to write your own content if you can or hire a regular writer that knows you, your style, and your business to create engaging, creative, and original content for your website. If that’s not an option, consider voice recognition software. It’s quick, and it allows you to literally write as you speak, which tends to be more engaging, because it’s conversational.

If you’re trying to entice more viewers to your website, add creative content. It keeps people interested in your topic, allows them to get to know and care about you, and builds relationships with your readers that keep them coming back, because you are a trusted source of information.

Sarah is a specialist in search marketing and writes extensively around this subject. Her focus is ecommerce and she develops strategies that increase online sales for items such as promotional mugs to calculators, from promotional pens to umbrellas.

June 7, 2012 |

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