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Location Business Networking Groups
Worldwide Meet Up Free to join
Australia Wide Essentially for Women one off events
Chamber of Commerce one off events
BNI meet weekly
Leads Club meet weekly
Holistic Business Network weekly to monthly
Newcomers Network weekly to monthly
Womens Network Australia Monthly
Women in Finance Monthly
Business Chicks Monthly
QLD Only
Babes in Business
Business 2 Business Events
Connect Working
Business Speed Networking
Terri Cooper
┬áKBN – Key Business Network
NSW Only Business Referral Group
Business Network Group
Business Networking Groups vary greatly from organisation to organisation. You need to think about your business and what sort of contacts you need. Some Networking Events are one off events with a speaker on a special topic. These can be great to learn new information and meet new people.
Some Networking Events are weekly events with the same people each week in the same location. This allows you to build solid relationships over time and is particularly good for businesses that require a high trust client.
Other Networking Events concentrate on teaching you how to network and have new people along each time in a variety of locations. This can work well if your business is not limited by location and requires a continuous supply of new contacts.
Some networking organisations have a very formal structure and are run as a franchise to generate income. Others may be run by a local business owner or someone interested in networking. Some will be for a specific business type. Some will allow only one person from a business category and will have no restrictions. They all have aspects that are better for some business types then others.
Some Networking Events will allow you to stand up and do a short pitch on your business. Others will just let you mingle before and after. In either case you need to have a quick way of summarising what you do and give an example of an ideal client.
There are many Networking Books that can help with this. Then spend the rest of the time asking about what they do and think of someone you could refer to them. If you really can’t make the time to go to a Networking event then send one of your employees. Otherwise look at some business resources such as a business coach or an internet marketer to help grow your business.

The best Networking Events are ones where people have fun, make connections and there is a positive energy and atmosphere. Then like most other businesses the Networking Event will grow through word of mouth and so will your business. So if you have been to Networking Functions and have not liked them, then just try different ones until you find some you think are great Business Networking Groups. In the meantime it is well worth looking at your Wealth Profile and those of your collegues to see who would be the best person to attend.

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