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Here at Business Matchmaker we hope to help in connecting you to Business Networking Events and Business owners with a similar desire to build a network of like minded people.

This site is a directory of small business resources to help small businesses grow. It includes a Networking events directory with all the major networking organisations in Australia.
The aim is to save Small Business owners time searching the internet for resources and Business Networking events in Australia that are right for your business.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive nor the most intelligent,
it is the one that is most adaptable to change.
– Charles Darwin

In this economic situation what changes are you implementing in your Small Business? What new actions are you taking? Do you own your business or does it own you? Are you going to Business Networking events? What sort of a Business Network do you want?
Many Small Business owners tell us

  • They would like to network but are unsure of where to start
  • They have been to Business Networking events in the past that did not work for them
  • They don’t know what to say or what to promote about their business

Successful Small Business

Small Business owners who are doing well at the moment tell us they built their business on Business Networking many years ago.Very successful small and large business owners know that the most important thing is building an effective team of people both within and outside your business. That real life business education from those who have achieved what you want to achieve will fast track your success.
Future Growth will depend on

  • Effective marketing including the internet and returning to old ways such as Business Networking and word of mouth to grow.
  • The team of people that you surround yourself with

As Small Business owners you are in a great position to implement change compared to the large corporate businesses. It is a time where you can stand out from the crowd by implementing changes to show how you are specifically different to other large and Small Business in your field. Business Networking Groups are an ideal place to promote your unique features.

Business Networking

This has been around for many many years and is really the oldest form of business promotion. There are many fantastic books on how to get better at Networking. One of the best books ever written on the subject is called endless referrals by ‘Bob Burg’. Try or your local library.

Robyn Henderson has written many great books on Business Networking. You can find these at networkingtowin.

  • take the focus off yourself and ask someone ‘who is your ideal client’ then to do your best to refer someone to them.
  • Spend the majority of time asking the other business person about themself and spend as little time as possible talking about yourself.
There are some great Business Resources that can help you to be very effective at this.
Business Matchmaker is delighted to help you find some great business networking partners.
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