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How to Make Your Products More Likely to Sell

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Incase ClassicsCreating a new product that is genuinely useful and something that will help people to get more from their every day lives is an incredible challenge, but one that is hugely rewarding if you manage it. But even this challenge on its own isn’t enough for most of us – for the vast majority of us coming up with new products and designs the intention is to sell and to make a profit from them. If your product doesn’t have that mass appeal then you won’t be able to make any money from it and it won’t really change lives because no one will have one…

So inventing something useful on its own isn’t enough, you need to make it more commercial and this can be an even bigger challenge. Here we will look at some changes you can make to your existing ideas and products that should help them to sell in greater numbers and be easier to market…


The first thing you need to do is to try and make your products somehow more familiar. Coming up with something unique that has a USP is of course a good way to make it stand out and to ensure that it isn’t superfluous, but if your item is so unique that no one knows what to make of it then it’s going to be very difficult to market and people won’t be ‘ready’ for it. Take the Dell Streak and the Galaxy Note. Both of these devices are unique in that they’re five inch phones/small tablets with phone capabilities, but the Streak which was released a few years earlier flopped whereas the Note thrived. The two had comparable specs for their respective times, so what was different? Well most likely the difference was that people were more familiar with tablets and large phones (the latter thanks to devices like the S2) meaning there would be a more receptive audience for the Note. Try to make sure that your new product is grounded in something existing so that people ‘get it’ and so that it isn’t completely alien, or try paving the way first with a trailblazer product that’s less of a departure from the norm but a step in that direction.


If you are struggling to communicate what your product is, then another technique to consider is to somehow associate it with an existing item. This way you can capture that existing product’s current audience, and essentially say ‘if you like that, then you’ll love this‘. Just make sure not to be too blatant or to lose your USP.


Diva Cup and the Keeper

Believe it or not the appearance of your item will have a big impact on how well it sells. Not only should your product be able to catch the eye at a glance, but it should also look desirable in a way that makes people want it before they know what it does. This is why there are so many popular ‘neon’ looking games on the Android Play Store – people want them because they look futuristic and they catch the eye.

Emotional Resonance

Moscow Consumers Buy Their first Ultrabook

Most of our purchases are impulsive and based on emotion rather than logic. As such then, if you can tap into an emotional need of your market then you will be able to overrule their ‘logical’ brain and get them to purchase your item even if they don’t need it. Think about what the need your item fulfils is, and then capitalise on this with design and marketing that generates an emotional response from that.

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