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WordPress – Content Management System

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In the current global internet market it is crucial to have a business website and it is very important to keep your website up to date with latest news and blog articles. So lets say you want to update your site every day with a new content and articles. What is the best option that will make it easy and comfortable for you? This is the point where CMS comes into place! CMS is a Content Management System that will help you with your website maintenance and make your life easier.

What is WordPress?

Wordpress-WebsitesWordPress was started in 2003. It’s an open source software based on PHP & Mysql. At the beginning it was mainly a blogging platform but recently it becomes 1 of the best content management systems in the world. With all the available plugins and features WordPress becomes full cms system for any business or individual website.
WordPress offers plenty of free plugins available to install from the back end menu. The plugins can easily get your website equipped with latest and most popular web 2.0 technology without any coding requirements. You can write your own plugins as well if you need a custom functionality on your website. The documentation is very good and you can find it on

Ease of Use
This is a big advantage if you compare WordPress to any other cms systems. The interface is extremely user friendly and any computer or even smartphone user will be able to manage their own website and make changes to the articles posted on the site.

WordPress and Social Media
Need to integrate your website with social media like facebook, twitter etc? No problem, there are hundreds of plugins that will help you achieve your needs. You can install and test them out, if you’re not happy with the newly installed plugin you can delete it within 2 clicks of your mouse. There are so many of them available that everybody will find what they’re looking for.

WordPress can be great solution for your e-commerce shop as well. If you want a small online store with no more than few hundred products then you can easily decide to use WordPress for that. If your store is a bigger thing with over thousand products then I would recommend to use Magento or PrestaShop as those 2 e-commerce platforms can handle any online store size.

If you are looking to build your website on CMS System you should definitely have a look at WordPress as this platform is very powerful, flexible and can be the best choice ever!

Hope this article will help some people with their decision and that WordPress Web Design will be growing and getting even better.

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