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Unique Business Ideas

Here at Business Matchmaker our aim is to provide information, resources and unique business ideas, to help grow your business or provide you with new unique business ideas that lead to more ideas of your own.

Our Top 3 Ideas for 2012

1. Create Your Own WordPress Website

Use this set of instructions to set up your own website. Great if you have lots of time and not a lot of money, or want to create websites as a hobby.

Unique Business Ideas

2. Start A Business In Health or Grow Your Current Health Business

Health is predicted to be the next trillion dollar industry. Do you already have a business in the health industry. If so this will give you the opportunity to use leverage to  grow your business. The health seminars for both business owners and clients are easy to tap into and extremely affordable. If you are a health professional you may even want to be one of the speakers, but if not you can use the professional expertise to grow a business of clients interested in optimal health.

If you are looking for unique business ideas in a growing industry then please fill in the form to the right to find out when and where the next “Health Made Easy” business owner and client sessions will be held.

3. Discover Your Authentic Path with This New Book

Authenticity is what we are all searching for. It is the only thing that gives us both success and a sense of true achievement.  This new Book by Dr Kollias is a unique book that tells a story about true authenticity when it comes to business and life and then provides a you with the tools to explore your own authenticity and start using your intuition to achieve a truly fulfilling business and personal life.

The 7 Secret Steps To Authentic Success

Order the book for kindle via Amazon by clicking above or get a paper copy of the book from most book stores in Australia

These unique Business ideas should complement the traditional methods of finding more business which are still as powerful as ever.

Business Networking and word of mouth marketing continues to be one of the best ways to grow a local business. We have provided a list of business networking groups that can help you grow your business via word of mouth marketing in Australia.

While internet marketing is one of the best ways to grow a small business that has an international reach. Internet/online marketing is also becoming important for local businesses as more and more people search online.

Business Matchmaker is delighted to help you find some unique business ideas

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